Robert Blohm

Robert Blohm

Senior Partner
” I would say the importance of SPM in 3 words is: Supporting Sales Strategy.”

Robert Blohm is a Senior Partner at OpenSymmetry. He has been with OS since 2008, overseeing the sales and marketing efforts that drive revenue. He provides focused sales leadership, creates strategic partnerships with technology leaders and advisory firms, and is committed to client success. Throughout his career, Robert has worked as a project manager and compensation consultant. In earlier years, he was an SPM consultant at TechMileage Software Solutions and worked at Xactly (an SPM solution provider) in strategic services. Robert is recognized as a Thought Leader in SPM and has been a featured speaker or panelist on 200+ topics including SPM best practices, emerging trends, changes in the vendor landscape, and customer success stories.

Robert describes the importance of SPM with 3 words: supporting sales strategy. Companies invest a lot in their sales organizations with the expectation put on sales teams to deliver results. Automating SPM is the solution that will improve day-to-day sales processes and operations – leading to a more productive sales force and increased revenue.

Over the years, Robert has seen challenges arise when an organization’s integrated infrastructure is not working correctly or is not optimized to meet their unique and growing business demands. These challenges have profound impacts on an organization’s success. SPM is imperative for an organization seeking sales success.

Robert’s SPM superpower is helping people succeed.


Why You Should Use OpenSymmetry for Your SPM Needs

You may have a strong sales force, yet you want the company to make greater progress in its niche market. When you partner with OpenSymmetry, we provide the resources you need to meet your organizational goals. Our sales performance management program best practices enhance your sales team’s performance by automating sales strategies, sales compensation, performance management, and territory and quota planning. 

OpenSymmetry’s industry expert Robert Blohm, a Senior Partner who has been with us since 2008, can deliver the insight you need to meet your general business and industry-specific goals. We’ve successfully helped more than 2,500 organizations across multiple industries by creating a supporting sales strategy that motivates employees and encourages optimal performance by deploying incentive compensation plans through our customized, automated SPM program recommendations.