Scott Werstein

Neal Trussell

Sales Engineer

By using real-time metrics, organizations can better understand the effectiveness of their compensation plans.

Neal Trussell is a Sales Engineer at OpenSymmetry. He has over 15 years of experience in the SPM/ICM space working in compensation administration and as a solutions consultant. Neal values the opportunity to engage with clients, discuss different platforms, and create solutions that are tailored to an organization’s specific needs and unique requirements.  

Neal summarizes the importance of SPM in three words: accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency.  

When organizations are seeking to implement an SPM technology, Neal advises that the chosen technology should be scalable, allowing for flexibility as the organization grows. Implementing a well-designed, highly functional SPM platform is a journey that requires a clear vision of what you want to achieve from your investment long before you deploy it.   

To leverage SPM for growth, Neal suggests using real-time metrics to better understand the effectiveness of compensation plans within organizations.  

Neal explains the “OS bowtie,” as a graphical representation of the range of services offered by OpenSymmetry. He encourages clients to explore options that lead to a solid, ongoing relationship utilizing services through OS Edge. The “go-live” of an SPM technology solution is not the end of an implementation project, it’s the beginning of learning to manage the post-implementation operations of the investment.