Mike Dumas

Principal Consultant

“Sales reps need to be able to easily and accurately understand the data thatis applied to their compensation plan.”

Mike Dumas is a Principal Consultant at OpenSymmetry. His experience working as a Senior Claims Manager in the Insurance Industry prepared him for his role as a Principal Consultant to work with organizations to see where product inefficiencies are.   

Mike has seen how SPM technology allows organizations build scalable solutions. Without scalability, organizations must introduce more workarounds and manual processes which create a lot of overhead. Manual processes lack transparency of important sales performance information and causes frustration among the sales team when they don’t have access to their daily sales performance results. When organizations have implemented SPM technology, the real-time reporting and analytics capabilities can drive positive behavior, and revive confidence and motivation across the sales team.   

Mike values being able to work with different clients in different industries. Each organization is unique and requires a tailored SPM technology solution that is going to work best for their use case and set them up for long term success. As a Principal Consultant, Mike has seen how different approaches for different organizations can result in the same outcome.   

Mike’s superpower is his ability to see into the future and anticipate the next steps during an implementation.

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