Jurgen Kela

Enterprise Account Executive

“Organization can leverage SPM to align sales closely with the overall business strategy.”

Jurgen Kela is a seasoned services professional at OpenSymmetry, with a wealth of experience in Incentive Compensation gained from his previous roles at Xactly and Vertafore. He has built his expertise in collaborating with clients to facilitate the successful implementation of cutting-edge SPM technologies. 

Jurgen has observed the rapid evolution of SPM technology, which has become a crucial driver for many organizations, providing enhanced access to data and analytical reporting. He understands that companies can now collect and analyze vast amounts of data on customers, competitors, and market trends to make well-informed decisions about their sales strategies. Sales Performance Management (SPM) technology solutions are particularly critical as they provide additional data necessary for companies to assess their sales strategies, influence their sales teams by modifying their sales compensation programs, and ultimately increase revenue. 

Jurgen understands the importance of organizations replacing outdated and inefficient systems with optimized automated compensation systems to ensure fairness and consistent pay across the board. Failure to implement an SPM solution can lead to challenges such as inaccurate forecasting and operational debt. By fully leveraging technology, organizations can ensure fairness and consistent pay across the entire organization, assist with budget management, and motivate sales teams to achieve their goals and objectives. 

To help organizations gain a better understanding and optimize their sales process, Jurgen recommends the following steps: 

  1. Setting clear sales targets and performance metrics
  2. Aligning sales closely with the overall business strategy
  3. Utilizing data and analytics for more informed decision making

Jurgen’s superpower lies in his ability to see through clutter and provide expert guidance to his clients.

Jurgen’s Content Contributions

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