Scott Werstein

Jean Chang

Director, Professional Services

When organizations are implementing an SPM technology it should be used as an opportunity to improve and eliminate existing challenges.

Jean Chang is a Director of Professional Services and leads the Varicent Delivery practice at OpenSymmetry. She has over 24 years of experience in the SPM/ICM space, primarily in professional services. Jean started as a consultant and has worked in various roles throughout her career, including leading and managing global teams in implementations of new SPM solution as well as running outsourced sales operations for clients. Jean enjoys collaborating with her smart teammates to help clients solve problems through creative software solutions. 

Jean suggests that there are many potential challenges organizations might face if they don’t fully leverage their SPM technology investment such as pay errors leading to mistrust from sales reps and misalignment between sales activities and strategic objectives resulting in missed corporate goals. She believes that SPM technology can provide organizations with more transparent and detailed sales data, enabling sales reps to focus on the key prospects or customers and add increasing value and revenue to their organizations. 

In Jean’s experience, she encourages clients to plan and strategize upfront. When organizations align their sales compensation plan with their strategic initiatives, they can drive sales results, retain top performers, and meet (or exceed!) revenue targets.  

Jean’s superpower is her ability to listen; she quickly understands complex challenges and enjoys working closely with clients to solve them.