David Barber

Director of Strategic Accounts

“By automating and optimizing SPM technoligies to support the compensation program, organizations experience positive impact to their bottom line.”

David Barber is the Director of Strategic Accounts at OpenSymmetry, specializing in Sales Performance Management (SPM) and Incentive Compensation Management (ICM). With 18 years of experience in sales effectiveness, sales operations management, and incentive compensation technologies, David has helped companies of all sizes and across a multitude of industries improve the execution of their sales compensation programs. Coupled with over 25 years of experience in technology and consulting sales, he has a deep understanding of the best practices in sales operations and incentive compensation. At OS, David appreciates the opportunity to understand our client’s needs and bring “the force” of OS’s expertise and capabilities to support client growth and success.  

David believes that SPM is important because it enables business success. The best piece of advice he can offer organizations who are seeking an automated SPM solution is to leverage an industry expert. They will help you pick the right SPM solution, the first time. Often organizations face challenges evaluating software vendors because their core business is not in SPM selection. With the wrong solution, they end up with stunted sales effectiveness, overworked administrators, excessive turnover for sales and compensation admins, and they miss opportunities to realign. By automating and optimizing SPM technologies to support the compensation program, organizations experience positive impact to their bottom line. Our SPM strategies provide a comprehensive platform for managing incentive compensation, territory management, and quota planning. With features like real-time data analytics and reporting, make informed decisions that optimize sales performance. SPM solutions help companies reduce errors, increase efficiency and improve accuracy in compensation plans. 

Over the years, David has seen SPM technology change the world of sales and operations. Through accountability, auditability, accuracy, and timeliness, these technologies reduce strain on administration teams and keep the sales force focused on selling. To ensure growth, organizations will see a significant impact by automating their business process with workflows and clear commission statements. These systems also equip sales leaders with good reporting and analytics so they can lead and coach more effectively.  

To David, the “OS bowtie” represents a pathway from recognizing that your current incentive compensation management system(s) and processes are inhibiting success, all the way to deploying “best practices” and an ever-evolving future state.   OS’s services cover the entire spectrum with continuity and thought leadership 

David’s SPM superpower is keeping his client’s success at the forefront of every decision he makes. 

With OpenSymmetry organizations will experience the benefits of a streamlined, data-driven incentive compensation plans. Talk to our consultants today.

David’s Content Contributions

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