Anthony Hutchins

Chief Executive Officer

“The upfront deployment planning will ensure success with SPM technology in the long run.”

Anthony Hutchins is the Chief Executive Officer at OpenSymmetry. With 25 years of experience working in the SPM/ICM space, Anthony’s understanding of sales compensation began with calculating commissions on the earliest versions of Excel to working in various consulting and product management roles at CallidusCloud (now known as SAP). He enjoys working with a variety of customers that are leaders in their industry and seeing the trust they put into OpenSymmetry.  

Anthony believes the importance of SPM can be summarized with the phrase: Strategic Alignment of Sales. When a company is going through an SPM implementation, there are many factors to be considered across the entire organization:  

  1. Current state assessment and future state planning 
  2. Data integration strategy
  3. Historical data 
  4. Process improvement  
  5. Workflow  
  6. Reporting and analytics 
  7. Deployment 
  8. Ongoing Business-As-Usual activities

    This upfront deployment planning will ensure success with the SPM technology in the long run. When SPM systems are deployed correctly, the sales team will be more focused on their job and less concerned with trusting that their payment is correct.   

Anthony summarizes the “OS bowtie” as a customer’s journey where OpenSymmetry can assist with planning, deployment, and managing an organization’s SPM investment. 


Bowie Tie Illustration


The most important piece of advice that he would give to ensure that organizations use SPM to drive growth effectively, is to make sure the compensation plans are aligned to corporate strategy. Then, timely and accurate communication of sales data is going to drive the performance and increase the motivation of the sales team.  

Anthony’s superpower is that he is a strategic thinker focused on customer outcomes. 

Why You Should Use OpenSymmetry for Your SPM Needs

Our experts will work with you to thoroughly evaluate your current strategies and determine pain points. This will help us develop an effective long-term sales strategy that drives revenue and maximizes your profit. After assessing your current state, we’ll help you improve your sales performance management process to ensure the success of your business objectives. 

If you’re looking for the best sales results, we’re here to help. Anthony Hutchins is the CEO of OpenSymmetry with 25 years of experience helping clients with their SPM strategies. He empowers a team who will help you implement and automate your SPM process. Request a consultation today.