Best In Class Sales Compensation: What It Looks Like and How to Get There

Find out what it takes to move from a sales compensation program that is mostly tactical in nature to a strategic sales compensation program, based on industry best practices.


Helping clients achieve and exceed their sales comp goals

Through working on thousands of sales compensation programs, global sales performance management consulting firm OpenSymmetry has identified a simplified way to help clients utilize sales compensation best practices to turn sales compensation into a strategic tool for their organizations. Join us as we review the most common challenges faced by companies related to sales compensation, what a best-in-class sales comp program looks like, and how industry best practices combined with best-of-breed technology can help you evolve your organization’s sales comp program from a tactical process to a strategic lever to help achieve organizational goals.

During this webinar, we also share a client case study to provide a real-life scenario of how the approach of using industry best practices coupled with cutting-edge technology helped the client evolve to a mature sales comp management model, enabling them to achieve their sales compensation goals while reducing their overall spend.

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