Anne Denney

Senior Vice President, Professional Services

“The trust built with the sales and operational teams can futher drive behaviors and company goals. “

Anne Denney is the Senior Vice President of Professional Services at OpenSymmetry. Anne’s experience working in fundraising and as a Project Manager set the foundation of planning, organizing, and managing many projects that she continues to use throughout her career.  Anne started working in the SPM space by joining the professional services team at OS as a Senior Project Manager. Her career continued to grow as she fulfilled additional roles with increased responsibilities – Professional Services Manager to Director and now serving as a Senior Vice President on the executive leadership team. Her favorite aspect of working at OS is the opportunity to lead a bright team of people who truly care about solving problems for our clients.  

The phrase that Anne would use to describe SPM is driving company outcomes.   

Anne recommends that clients take full advantage of optimizing the management of their sales compensation program to enable accuracy and transparency, ensuring those responsible for driving company performance are acknowledged and rewarded. Additionally, organizations should be making full use of the data and information they are generating by leveraging reporting and analytics within the SPM tools to track company objectives and create a competitive advantage. 

For anyone starting in a role in the world of sales compensation, Anne recommends they create strong relationships with the people with whom they are working collaboratively. The trust built with the sales and operational teams can further drive behaviors and company goals.   

Anne explains the “OS bowtie” as a client’s lifecycle of identifying, selecting, and implementing the right SPM technology for them, and then moving all the way into ongoing operations and support of the processes to drive sales behaviors (and report internally on progress and costs).  

Bowie Tie Illustration


Anne’s superpower is her curious mind. 

Why Use OpenSymmetry for Your SPM Needs

At OpenSymmetry, we can optimize your company’s sales performance management program and help you build an effective salesforce. Our expertise lies in transforming internal organizational dynamics through precise sales performance metrics and insights to help you get better visibility into your sales team’s performance.

We take pride in partnering with industry leading SPM solutions that provide unmatchable clarity and accuracy in your sales representatives’ performance metrics and help transform your sales strategy. With accurate sales planning and better transparency, you can boost individual productivity and create a profound impact on your entire organization and its sales goals.

Anne Denney empowers all clients to make informed decisions, streamline processes using our advanced tools and implement strategic changes in their sales strategy to increase revenue and profitability. By automating SPM, you harness the transformative power of data-driven sales performance management. Using our data-informed approach, your company can adapt, refine, and grow to achieve unparalleled success.