Anil Chouhan

Senior Principal Consultant of Sales Planning

“Use technology wisely, going beyond operaqtional efficiencies, and focus on strategic aligment in planning.”

Anil Chouhan is the Senior Principal Consultant of Sales Planning at OpenSymmetry. He has over 16 years of experience working in the sales compensation space, with a focus on implementing managed services, sales operations, and territory planning. Anil recognizes that he’s in a unique position to help clients be strategic in their sales planning efforts and build confidence among the sales team because of his experience working in the SPM/ICM space. 

“Making sales planning aligned, agile, and collaborative” is what comes to mind when Anil summarizes the importance of why optimizing an organization’s sales planning is important. By following these steps, organizations will ensure a smooth and effective sales planning transformation that will drive business growth and success. 

To leverage SPM for growth, Anil recommends using technology wisely, going beyond operational efficiencies, and focusing on strategic alignment in planning. The importance of creating collaboration and effective communication throughout and after the process is going to drive the sales teams’ agility. 

To create a sales planning roadmap that works for an organization, it is crucial to follow a structured approach that includes the following: 

  • Current State Analysis 
  • Future State and Roadmap Definition 
  • Technology Selection 
  • Implementation Partner Selection 
  • Enablement and Change Management 

Anil’s superpower is his ability to visualize transformative outcomes and deliver them to clients.  

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Anil’s Content Contributions

Datasheet: What is Sales Planning?
E-Book: Sales Planning Guide
Client Case Study: Building Trust, Agility, and Collaboration in Sales Planning