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OpenSymmetry offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end sales performance management services to meet clients wherever they are on their SPM journey. Our SPM experts provide a thoughtful approach in achieving your desired future state.

The framework for SPM rotates around an integrated infrastructure built by data and technology. When this integrated infrastructure is not working correctly it can have profound impacts on your company.

Planning and preparation, deployment, and management of SPM solutions is a process that (when built properly) will:

Deliver improved performance and visibility
Increase payment accuracy
Save time and money
Deliver flexibility to quickly implement program changes
Provide audit compliance

Our journey to SPM expertise started in 2004 when we initially focused on SPM deployments. As we gained experience on the different systems and their capabilities, we launched our Strategy Services practice to leverage this experience to ensure clients were investing in “the right” solutions. We found that clients were making investments in the wrong solutions because their internal complexities and considerations were not part of their SPM selection process. This experience gave us the ability to create SPM best practice considerations for any organization seeking to adopt, or optimize, an SPM solution.

As we gained more experience, we recognized our clients need assistance managing their solutions over time. We launched our Managed Services practice which enables clients with expert support to help them grow and improve their solution to constantly increase sales performance and ROI.

Leverage the OpenSymmetry Engagement Model – “The Bowtie”

Our SPM experts can support you on any stage of your sales performance management journey.

OpenSymmetry has helped thousands of clients map their SPM journey from uncertain and ineffective SPM practices to best-in-class SPM solutions that create opportunities to drive sales behavior and increase revenue.

Process Bowtie


What does strategic sales performance management planning look like? What products deliver the best business value? How can we align organizational and business process?

OpenSymmetry offers clients 15+ years of SPM best practice expertise across industry leading SPM solutons.

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What resources are critical to the project? What processes will be impacted? How do we define go-live success?

OpenSymmetry offers a tailored sales performance management deployment approach, focused on resource enablement, with industry leading expertise.

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How can we ensure ongoing adoption? Will our program ensure continuous improvements? How often do we need to look at program performance?

OpenSymmetry provides steady state planning with your incentive compensation management design and offers vendor management experience.

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