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Angela Loughran

Account Manager

An effective SPM program will drive business actions and shape individual performance.”

Angela Loughran is an Account Manager at OpenSymmetry.   She has over 25 years of experience working in the financial and insurance industries as a software engineer before transitioning to project management with technology solutions.  

Angela emphasizes to clients that an effective sales performance management program will “drive business actions.” Sales compensation plans will shape individual performance.  Automating the plans through an SPM solution will have profound impact on an organization’s objectives and drive the need for the plans.  However, SPM technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The importance of tailoring the technology to a customer’s specific needs; focusing on their wants, goals, and requirements to determine the most suitable solution is paramount.  

Angela recommends that when organizations are considering to implement an SPM solution, or replace their current system, they must assess their current program and develop a future state vision. 

OpenSymmetry has helped many organizations evaluate and effectively migrate to new SPM technology solutions with the following seven key areas: 

  1. Current state assessment & future state planning
  2. Data integration 
  3. Historical data 
  4. Process improvement 
  5. Automated workflow 
  6. Reporting & analytics 
  7. Deployment 

Angela’s superpower is her ability to easily relate to people and suggest innovative support to improve their circumstances.