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To align with changing buyer behaviors, your sellers must adapt to be successful. Sales organizations are making important front-office investments to initiate and sustain behavioral shifts.

Consequently, the right back-office systems must be in place to support this transformation. Research shows that at least 70% of companies are still using Excel as their back-office Sales Performance Management (SPM) 'solution'. Due to the inherent complexity of managing sales commissions in particular, this home-grown approach is inefficient and error-prone. On average, this can result in commission over-payments of between 5-7%, meaning a significant amount of time, energy and money is lost annually.

Dedicated Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions address these issues. SPM embraces strategically important disciplines such as territory and quota planning and automating incentive compensation plans to drive the right behaviors and keep the sales organization aligned with evolving corporate objectives.

SPM disciplines complement or interact with other related Sales, Finance and HR functions such as financial planning and analysis, forecasting and resource planning. These are often important considerations for our clients.

While these systems are designed-for-purpose, there can be significant complexity involved in the set-up and configuration and therefore risk to project costs, timelines and deliverables. A proven methodical approach to design, building, testing and deployment can make the difference between success and failure.

With over 1200 successful deployments in over 500 organizations across all industry segments and geographies, we can help you cut through the complexity and achieve your business outcomes. Let us show you how.

Our Client Roadmap

OpenSymmetry's 'bow-tie' graphic symbolizes the breadth of services we offer to our clients to take them on the road from 'uncertainty to opportunity'. We partner with you to find more than just a technology, but a solution that improves the organization, direction, motivation and results of your sales team.


In cases where a client has no designed-for-purpose SPM technology in place or is undergoing a significant review of existing SPM operations, we would lead a business strategy/advisory process involving some or all of the areas listed below. Helping clients to develop a quantifiable business case is a key aspect to ensure this is a project that will receive the support of all key sales, finance, HR and IT stakeholders. In the majority of cases, we would ultimately guide the client through a structured vendor selection process to ensure that the right technology is deployed to meet the future state objectives.

  • Current/Future State Assessment
  • Plan Design
  • Business Case Development
  • Implementation Readiness
  • Vendor Selection


Once the technology decision is made, OpenSymmetry would move into the deployment phase. We have unrivalled experience and expertise in implementing solutions from the industry’s leading SPM vendors. Our proven collaborative and iterative project approach involves defining detailed requirements, configuring and testing the solution as well as training administrators and end-users to maximize the potential of the system. Services include:

  • Implementation Planning
  • Solution Configuration
  • Data Integration
  • Reporting
  • Training
  • Testing
  • Change Management


SPM solutions are rarely 'one and done'. Sales territories, quotas and compensation plans change all the time, either organically as the business grows or as a result of significant events such as a merger or acquisition. OpenSymmetry offers a significant amount of value post-production, working closely with clients to ensure their SPM systems remain aligned with the business to deliver maximum benefits. Additionally we offer a range of Managed Services offerings from ad-hoc post-production support to providing a fully outsourced compensation management service. Key offerings include:

  • Business Operations
  • Technology Support
  • Process Optimization
  • Managed Services

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