Our Story

Take a journey with us

It's been a long and storied road to get to where we are now – follow our timeline to see where we've been and highlights of what we've done over the years!

  • 2004

  • We launch as a two-person partnership based out of the US and the UK, delivering independent CallidusCloud consulting expertise.

  • New project countries:

    •   USA
    •   UK
  • 2005

  • We continue to deliver CallidusCloud projects in the US, while expanding our EMEA footprint.

  • New project countries:

    •   Belgium
  • 2006

  • We establish a formal partnership with CallidusCloud.


  • We hire our first official employee in the UK.

  • New project countries:

    •   Poland
  • 2007

  • We hire our first official employee in the US.

  • Our tenth project goes live

  • 2008

  • We have our first big growth spurt adding sales and HR staff and establishing our strategy practice. We go from being the world’s third largest independent consulting firm specializing in SPM to the largest.

  • We form a global partnership with Xactly Corporation.


  • We open our first US office in Austin, Texas.

  • New project countries:

    •   India
    •   Norway
    •   South Africa
    •   Germany
  • 2009

  • We continue to increase our global reach throughout Europe and expand into South Africa and Australia.

  • In the UK we begin delivering Varicent Software (now IBM ICM) projects.


  • New project countries:

    •   Hungary
    •   Turkey
    •   Australia
    •   Switzerland
    •   Canada
    •   New Zealand
  • 2010

  • Our rapid growth continues across the globe prompting us to merge our US and UK entities into a centralized global structure headquartered in Austin, Texas.

  • New project countries:

    •   Hong Kong
    •   Malaysia
    •   Singapore
    •   China
    •   Indonesia
    •   Thailand
    •   Philippines
    •   France
    •   Sweden
    •   Israel
  • 2011

  • Inc. includes us on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. We would go on to earn a spot on this list for the next 6 years.

  • New project countries:

    •   Saudi Arabia
  • 2012

  • We open our first India office in Chennai.

  • New project countries:

    •   Japan
    •   Ireland
    •   The Netherlands
  • 2014

  • We throw a huge party in Austin, Texas, flying people in from around the globe, to celebrate our 10-year anniversary.

  • We solidify a partnership with Anaplan.


  • We open our second India office in Pune.

  • New project countries:

    •   Czech Republic
  • 2015

  • New project countries:

    •   Spain
  • 2016

  • We are recognized as one of Inc.’s Best Places to Work – just one of two Austin companies to receive this honor. We would go on to win again in 2017.

  • New project countries:

    •   Qatar
    •   Finland
  • 2017

  • We establish a partnership with Oracle.


  • We establish a partnership with Curo Compensation.


  • New project countries:

    •   Italy