SPM Technology Evaluation & Selection

Supercharge your compensation strategy by utilizing the right sales performance management solutions and ignite success through a meticulously crafted and automated process that not only saves time but also ensures your sales team is fully engaged. Thus, enabling them to make a significant impact on your company’s growth trajectory.


Evaluating & Selecting SPM Technologies

OpenSymmetry offers services including requirements gathering, RFI/RFP support and navigation, and facilitating demonstrations (quantitative and qualitative scoring, executive readout, and recommendation) so that you can confidently identify the right SPM technology solution for your specific needs.

OpenSymmetry provides unbiased advice and guidance throughout your technology selection to help navigate your SPM selection process. With our deep expertise on all the leading technology platforms in the SPM space, we’ll walk you through the key differences among the tools and help assess your best options to ensure the best possible and lowest risk outcome.

Following completion of this work effort, you will have the necessary information and knowledge to confidently invest in a SPM solution.

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Selection Approach

Assess future state requirements Create vendor capabilities short-list RFP creation and support.

Deployment Support

Reference calls and negotiation support Develop implementation plan and roadmap.

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Next Steps

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OpenSymmetry will complete a holistic review of your Sales Performance Management program leveraging; expertise, benchmarks & best-practices to identify opportunities to improve incentive compensation management process. This assessment will be completed to assess the current health of the program focusing on the current technology to evaluate the solutions ability to meet your needs. Leveraging information gained during this effort, OpenSymmetry will provide additional information regarding alternative technologies (available in the market) to you so you may assess options to achieve a more efficient, low risk operation.

Following completion of this work effort, you will have the necessary information and knowledge to confidently invest in the current ICM solution or consider alternative solutions.

Stop searching. We have your answers.

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