Sales Performance Management (SPM) Training for Your Organization

Supercharge your compensation strategy by utilizing the right sales performance management solutions and ignite success through a meticulously crafted and automated process that not only saves time but also ensures your sales team is fully engaged. Thus, enabling them to make a significant impact on your company’s growth trajectory.


Train your team to a path of self-sufficiency

The key to an effective implementation is enabling your staff to be able to take ownership of your newly deployed SPM/ICM implementation. OpenSymmetry is committed to your successful implementation with courses taught by experts across whichever one of the leading SPM/ICM technology solutions you selected and deployed. We offer learning paths for each role in your organization with a combination of hands-on training and workshops to enable your staff. We partner with you to develp the right training solution to be delivered at the right time for your team.

We offer the following Training Formats:

Live, in-person training, at your facility or at OpenSymmetry’s training facility
Live remote training
Self-paced training with training support (check-in calls)
Blended training taught by OS instructors and OS consultants
Webinars – First Look Training
Payee Videos
Learning Aids

Benefits of Training include:

Increased User Adoption
Maximized Productivity
Faster Time to Value
Self-Sufficient Admins and Users
Ownership of Your System

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Payee Enablement

Teach the salesforce how to use their new ICM system to access reports, manage inquiries, and interact with workflows.

Testing Preparation

Aimed at those who will be performing UAT/SIT testing, to be able to fully navigate the system and perform tasks for testing.

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Administrator Training

Aimed at those who will administer the system after go-live and focused on the admin tasks to be performed.

Configuration Mgmt

Maintaining the configuration of the system, plan changes, rate changes, quota changes, and new plan logic.

Stop searching. We have your answers.

Look no further! Our performance management consulting coupled with sales compensation consultants have all the answers you need!

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