Ask an Expert: Where Do Sales Performance Management (SPM) Systems Provide Value?


Learn How Companies Responded When Asked About Their Current SPM Investments.

Back by popular demand, the annual Research Report of SPM and ICM Solutions Providers Survey! In this interactive discussion, join OpenSymmetry Experts, Robert Blohm, Senior Partner and Mike Noto, Director of Strategy Services, as they unpack the good, the bad, and the “not so often thought about” areas of some of the leading SPM technologies and what their clients are saying about them.

For the novice, SPM promises management greater control, richer insight, and faster decision making. It is a fast-growing technology that tackles sales rep assignments and territories, quota management, incentive compensation administration, and sales and incentive performance reporting. (Some notable providers include Anaplan, Oracle, SAP, Varicent, and Xactly.) However, this can be challenging for organizations to conduct their research into solutions because they are sometimes marketed with vague descriptions, confusing jargon, and overreaching claims.

This virtual, interactive discussion will review the SPM category, including its most important vendors, and offer a clear description of what these solutions provide – based on feedback from 200+ users of these SPM technologies. The session is recommended for firms considering adopting or optimizing SPM solutions, or those who are interested in learning the latest on this solution category.

Come with questions, or sit back and learn from our experts as they unpack the benefits of automating SPM and where organizations can make improvements to increase ROI and user satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:
1. Important SPM vendors and solutions
2. Benefits of automating SPM
3. Where organizations can make improvements to increase ROI

Collateral shared:
1. Survey Report of SPM and ICM Solution Providers
2. The Ultimate Guide to SPM Vendor Selection
3. SPM Vendor Guide



Robert Blohm, Senior Partner

Mike Noto, Director of Professional Services

SPM Vendor Guide

This guide is an introduction to some of the leading suppliers of SPM technology solutions. We recognize that every client is unique and should evaluate each technology with their distinct needs in mind.


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The Ultimate Guide to SPM Vendor Selection

Leveraging OpenSymmetry’s experience on over 100 SPM selection engagements, this guidebook was developed to lead you through the necessary steps to select a solution that will help scale your business through sales performance management automation.


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Survey Report of SPM and ICM Solution Providers

This report explores how users benefit from SPM systems, and their satisfaction with those systems’ promoted capabilities.

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Please feel free to grab a copy of the presentation shared during this webinar.

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