Luke Marciniak

Vice President, Regional Sales

“With transparency and sales rep motivation, organizations can realize the importance of SPM technologies by the leveraging the solution to increase revenue.”

Luke Marciniak is a Vice President of Regional Sales at OpenSymmetry. He has 15+ years of experience in the SPM space, supporting both the product and technology, as well as the solutions side. Luke has helped companies ranging from mid-market to Fortune 500 companies improve the execution of their sales compensation programs. His focus includes end-to-end assessments of incentive compensation management (ICM) programs, supporting ICM vendor evaluations, defining future state strategy, and enterprise implementation planning for large deployments. 

Working at OS, he appreciates the opportunity to work with different organizations in his region – stemming across different industries with different compensation challenges and needs. With his knowledge, he focuses on ways to improve their end-to-end compensation programs through technology and process improvements, including gaining operational efficiencies in their administration of the solutions. 

“With transparency and sales rep motivation, organizations can realize the importance of SPM technologies by leveraging the solution to increase revenue,” – Luke Marchiniak 

Luke suggests that the best piece of advice he can give to clients is, find the right solution that fits their individual business needs and solves their specific pain points. That does not always mean going with the enterprise applications in the market. Every organization is different and understanding the current state and future state needs will be the key to a successful SPM technology selection and implementation. Without that, organizations will not realize the full potential or return on their investment that they sought out to achieve when defining the business case.  

Luke thinks that SPM technology has changed the world of sales by automating the compensation process and giving organizations the added benefit of sales planning, analytics, reporting, and much more. He believes that the market is growing rapidly with new entrants to the space who are addressing mid-market needs. He suggests that organizations who adopt an automated SPM solution to automate their comp plans will receive a world of wealth with their incentive plans. They will be able to see what is working, and what is not. They will be able to leverage the data to drive sales behavior and adapt to future comp plans. By seeing performance from last year, they can adjust their plans easily to drive next year’s goals. 

According to Luke, the “OS Bowtie” represents two key areas in SPM program and process management. First, it’s a proper representation of the suite of end-to-end services OS offers clients. Second, it represents the typical customer journey – understanding the technologies, deploying an application, and managing and/or transforming a business. OS can support from strategy through support.

Luke’s SPM Superpower is his technology background and enterprise solutions experience, having implemented and worked with every vendor and industry in this space. His ability to understand clients’ needs and value drivers is unparalleled, and he would appreciate an open conversation with you to understand your compensation process more.