Amit Arora

Vice President Professional Services, APAC

“Automating an organization’s compensation plan is important because it drives the cultureof transparency across all hierarchies and build trust amongst each other.”

Amit Arora is the Vice President of Professional Services for the APAC & EMEA regions at OpenSymmetry. He has 20 years of experience working at AIG Life, Prudential Life, and Axa Life. Amit started at OS in 2012, as a Principal Consultant, then quickly transitioned to the APAC Regional Manager role, and later became the Vice President of the APAC region. Amit brings years of management experience to OpenSymmetry and leads the team toward excellence for our customers. A customer-oriented focus and a strong background in sales allow Amit to drive professional services with OpenSymmetry.

Amit’s best piece of advice he’d give an organization that is looking for SPM technology would be, “don’t look at automation independently. When you bundle it up with people and processes, look at the entity thoroughly to drive maximum returns. When this is considered, automating SPM is going to drive the culture of transparency across all hierarchies and build trust amongst each other.”

When it comes to the “OS bowtie,” Amit’s reminded that the bowtie originated in the 17th century during the Prussian war where soldiers used a scarf to hold their shirt together around their neck. Similarly, the OS bowtie helps in holding the end-to-end SPM program together. Starting from plan design to vendor selection, to developing a business case, product implementation, driving best practices, training, and post-go-live support, all of these get tied up together to drive the best-in-class SPM program.

In Amit’s experience, he’s seen a lot of challenges that organizations have faced but the most common ones are:

1. Time to market, losing competitive advantage
2. Modelling & simulation to understand whether the existing plans are effective or not
3. Redundant and manual processes

When organizations invest in SPM, an expectation is that it will predictably deliver a quantifiable return. Organizations require more than a technology strategy; they should be looking at SPM more comprehensively in order to enable a suite of capabilities that produces true value.

Amit knows that being able to make a difference in a compensation role will help anyone stand out but being able to step in and clean up chaos will bring attention to your skillset and expertise. Technology has changed how sales reps are able to stay organized when balancing all the mediums available to them and their prospects and clients to connect at the right time, on the right platform, and with the right message.

OpenSymmetry offers expertise with cutting-edge SPM technology through our comprehensive suite that will help you achieve what you need whether you’re just getting started with SPM or you’re an SPM veteran. And to do that, we provide you with the tools you didn’t even know you needed for increasing operational efficiency and digital portfolio management — and even enhancing the employee experience. That way, you can focus on what you do best: serving your customers.