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With OS, business is personal.

We are a strengths-based organization built on determination, vision, values, and an intense desire to see our clients succeed. It is what has created over a decade of success for OpenSymmetry, our employees, and our clients. When you see the client's ultimate vision of success--what they picture as a successful outcome to be--it ultimately translates into their ability to perform in their job better, which means more time with family, more vacation, more time to pursue their interests, and more fulfillment. We are looking for enthusiastic team members capable of taking that vision and making it a reality.

The Next Level

If you are interested in passionately and exceptionally contributing to a company during a robust period of growth to reach the next level, then you are in the right place. Because of the level of value that we consistently deliver to our clientele, our company is growing rapidly, and seeking capable, gritty, hard-working, and fun members to add to our team and add to that growth. We're looking for people excited to join our team and ready to make a difference.

OS Values


OS Tribe members leverage one another’s strengths, go the extra mile for team goals, deliver on promises, and never make excuses.


OS Tribe members are committed to embracing cultural commonality rather than differences and speak and act considering how words and actions will be received.


OS Tribe members share their passions and love what they do, and love to celebrate individual and collective victories!


OS Tribe members strive to speak in straightforward terms, grow in self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, and build on the strengths.


OS Tribe members are entrepreneurs at heart, embracing growth and change by developing a radar for new ideas. They approach challenges with a “we can do this” attitude, and consistently attempt to build what does not exist.

Open Positions

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