Tom Davis

Vice President of Sales, Insurance

“Insurance compensation platforms improve the producer experience, reduce operating costs, and lay foundation for future market competition.”

Tom leads the insurance practice at OpenSymmetry and has over 30 years of experience working with carriers in all segments of the insurance industry.  Tom was a key player in the formation of a start-up that developed a producer lifecycle management and compensation platform (PLCM) in 2001.  The platform gained widespread recognition and market penetration, and after two separate acquisitions, is now an SAP asset marketed under the name APME (Agent Performance Management, Enterprise).  

Tom’s carrier experience includes supporting system evaluations and proofs of concept, driving PLCM strategy, developing optimized implementation plans and supporting initiatives to improve the producer experience. A common theme Tom sees across the industry is the ever-present issue of resources and budget availability to which he applies a straightforward approach to justifying PLCM investment—does the cost of doing nothing outweigh the cost of investing in market leading solutions?  In most cases the answer here is a resounding yes. 

Tom’s superpower is his ability to align stakeholders to a unified vision of increased capabilities, lower operating costs, and continual improvement in the producer experience in the insurance industry. 


Why You Should Use OpenSymmetry for Your SPM Needs

Incentive compensation management is the use of incentives to motivate sales representatives to achieve sales targets, helping an organization increase revenue and maximize profit. Effective planning and implementation of your ICM is the key to achieving the best outcome — increased profit. 

OpenSymmetry has experienced compensation technology experts who can help assess your current ICM strategies and recommend the right solutions that align with your organizational goals. We’ll also help leverage software solutions to effectively and efficiently implement your incentive compensation plans. Some of the common pain points we address include recruitment, compliance and analytics.

Tom Davis is one of OpenSymmetry’s experts with over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Talk to one of our experts today to increase your profit and lower your operating costs.