Matthew Ver Halen

Senior Manager of Global SAP Practice

“SPM solutions should enable the automation of process and ensure accurate calculations.”

Matthew Ver Halen is the Senior Manager of the Global SAP Practice at OpenSymmetry. Matthew is a versatile SPM technology expert with over 17 years in practice management, solution architecture, and business process design, spanning multiple SPM platforms, and industries. His experience at CallidusCloud (now known as SAP) as a consultant, project manager, and solution architect, and later at Xactly as a data analyst has helped to aid his appreciation of serving customers with integrity.  

Matthew shares some critical insights about SPM solutions that are often misunderstood stating that “SPM solutions should enable the automation of processes and ensure accurate calculations, which are crucial for driving motivation and maintaining transparency in the compensation domain. When selecting an SPM solution, organizations need to make sure that the technology aligns well with their mainstream SPM needs and streamlining requirements to benefit their people.” Matthew also stresses caution against over-engineering an SPM system, as it can detract from the overall return on investment.  

Matthew has seen first-hand how organizations can best leverage SPM for growth, by implementing an automated SPM solutions that adapt well to driving desired growth behaviors. Revamping compensation plans eliminates the burden of relying on Excel models. SPM solutions also lower the barriers between strategic goals and the reality of compensation plan administration, making it easier to delegate work to partners who can help. 

Matthew’s superpower is his ability to listen accurately and deeply to clients, understanding their needs without coming up with pre-determined ideas.