Ashley Holbrook

Senior Manager, Professional Services

“Pay is personal and being able to align accuracy to payments will drive business forward.”

Ashley Holbrook is the Senior Professional Services Manager at OpenSymmetry. Her experience as a Sales and Commission Analyst set the foundation of designing, implementing, and managing various projects, as well as working with various SPM solutions that she would use throughout her career. Her favorite thing about working at OS is the ability to work collaboratively with so many individuals and departments, and sharing the successes we are able to bring to clients.   

Ashley’s advice to an organization while looking for an SPM technology is that a third party (like OpenSymmetry) allows for more transparency with features and tools that are better suited to align with the organization’s goals 

Every organization shares the common goal of growth. Ashley understands what the sales team means to an organization and by replacing outdated and inefficient systems, growth obstacles are removed allowing organizations to focus on other areas of the business. 

Ashley believes that through automation, SPM will help with:  

  • Accuracy and visibility to sales compensation payouts  
  • Credibility and trust amongst sales and operations 
  • Increase sales rep satisfaction and engagement  
  • Create opportunities and room for growth  

She describes the “OS bowtie” as a one stop shop for clients to build their SPM solution that will support their organization and continue to foster growth. 

Ashley’s superpower is her love for numbers, math, and spreadsheets.  She recognizes that pay is personal and being able to
align accuracy to payments will drive the business forward. 

Content Contributions:
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