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The key to a successful sales performance management (SPM) journey is effective planning. OpenSymmetry brings unparalleled expertise from hundreds of successful journeys to help you plan yours, making sure to bring into the picture common challenges, pitfalls, resources, and time commitments for each leg of the journey. During the planning phase OpenSymmetry helps you assess your starting point and understand your destination, along with what’s required to reach it. We help by:

Providing objective opinions on products and industry best practices

Creating a customized design and approach specific to your business objectives

And aligning technologies to your unique business requirements to facilitate effective decision making

OpenSymmetry Services

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Technology Evaluation & Selection

OpenSymmetry offers services including requirements gathering, RFI/RFP support and navigation, and facilitating demonstrations (scoring, readout, and recommendation) so that you can confidently identify the right SPM technology solution for your specific needs. With our deep expertise on all the leading technology platforms in the SPM space, we’ll walk you through the key differences among the tools and help assess your best options.

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SPM Program Assessment & Future State Planning

OpenSymmetry offers a complete end-to-end analysis for defining and planning a future state solution to support your SPM. We’ll work with you to assess your current state, determine the target future state, and develop the roadmap to get there. This includes optimization, justification, and solution recommendations.

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SPM Technology Optimization

OpenSymmetry offers a complete evaluation of your current technology platform with a detailed look at your configuration, processing trends, and use/leverage of functionality in your SPM/ICM software. A clear plan is provided to move to a more efficient, effective future state.

Sales Plan Design Support

OpenSymmetry offers incentive compensation plan assessment and design services to ensure that your plans are built for purpose – to drive the most important sales results, retain top performers, and satisfy finance’s cost of compensation expectation. Additionally, we’ll help develop plans that are suited for automation and designed with full understanding of the strengths and limitations of SPM systems.

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Data Integration Strategy & Services

OpenSymmetry provides a full review, design, and implementation plan for an integrated, enterprise-wide data strategy for your SPM system. With data evolving from nothing more than transactional information to a powerful analytical tool, methods need to be deployed that ensure all data available is being leveraged as a valuable corporate asset. This includes assessing data quality as well as data sourcing.

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Advanced SPM Reporting & Analytics

OpenSymmetry helps harness your compensation and sales data to fuel impactful decision-making. We ensure that you leverage SPM reporting tools to enable high visibility for sales teams, deep analysis of compensation programs, and vital information to drive change and success within your sales force.

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Change Management Strategy

OpenSymmetry helps you identify the scope and strategy of your SPM process change and approach, establish best-in-class practices, estimate the schedule, and determine the resources required for execution. We hold working sessions to understand and propose process responsibility and accountability, stakeholder impact and risk assessment with each, and current change management capabilities.

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Business Case Development

OpenSymmetry supports the development of your business case needed for organizational buy-in for an SPM technology investment. Our methodology addresses both financial and non-financial factors as well as assessing the probability of ROI delivery, such as total cost savings and ease of doing business.

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Implementation Readiness & Planning

OpenSymmetry has a thorough assessment to evaluate the readiness of organizations to move towards a defined future state for SPM, from defining the future state through developing the implementation plan that includes evaluating existing technology, processes, and resources related to the incentive compensation process. Defined scope and risk planning are used to create a roadmap for implementation representing dependencies, risks, data, and resource needs.

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Lead to Money Advisory Services

OpenSymmetry works to understand and document business needs, define technical requirements, and identify the best solutions for integration with SPM-adjacent systems such as Configure/Price/Quote and Contract Management.