"We can help clients implement comprehensive approval workflows across the entire organization and deliver real-time views of compensation data."

Anthony Hutchins, SVP, Professional Services, OpenSymmetry

What can Curo Compensation + OS do for you?

OpenSymmetry & CURO4COMP

Reduce the time/effort associated with your compensation process by as much as 50%

Curo Compensation’s configurable SaaS system is currently used by leading companies across 100 countries and used across 55 currencies.

Understand of the impact and outcome of your reward process with the help of Curo Compensation and OpenSymmetry.

OpenSymmetry and Curo Compensation give managers, HR, and reward professionals the time to focus on the impact and outcome of the reward process, rather than just manage the process itself.

Via a secure SaaS-based platform, Curo Compensation delivers an end-to-end compensation and reward solution configured to your business that is fast, efficient, error free, and easily managed by your managers and teams.

Learn why some of the world’s leading companies are choosing OS and Curo Compensation to enable them to maximize the business impact and their reward spend.

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Intelligent Total Compensation Management iTCMTM

iTCMTM Intelligent Total Compensation Management goes beyond simply automating processes, it provides decision makers with actionable insight to allow them to align compensation spend with business goals.


Workflow driven to ensure on time and within budget


iTCMTM provides actionable insight to drive new reward strategy


Consolidate data securely and ensure your processes are fair and transparent

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