Bridge the gap between having an ICM solution and getting the most out of it.

We’ll manage your incentive compensation operations, empowering you to focus on what’s most important—your core business.


Unload the operational burden of incentive compensation management

Having an automated incentive compensation solution can be a wonderful thing. It reduces costs, increases accuracy, and can help drive desired sales behaviors, all while eliminating cumbersome manual processes.

But the fact is that managing incentive compensation is a continuous process that doesn’t end once a new incentive compensation management (ICM) technology is deployed. OS EDGE, OpenSymmetry’s managed services offering, was designed to help our clients operationalize their ICM solutions and ensure they’re getting the most out of their investment.

With OS EDGE you’ll benefit from:


Support of your operational requirements, both short-term and long-term


A scalable solution that can grow with you


Access to leading industry expertise and proven best practices


Continuous innovation and improvement to processes and tools

Strategic insights into sales performance to drive decision making


More time to focus on strategic initiatives and your core business

Four tiers of cost-effective ICM managed services to meet your unique organizational needs

Which OS EDGE tier is right for you?

Advisory On-Demand

Whether you’ve recently deployed an ICM platform and are looking for some extra support or you’re pre-deployment and need some expertise to ensure a successful implementation, this tier gives you easy access to tools and technology experts to help with your unique comp-related needs.

Operational Support

If you’ve deployed an ICM platform and have the internal ability to manage your ICM operations but could benefit from some additional expertise, this tier is ideal for you. Our technical experts are standing by to share best practices, handle escalations and provide business and technical support.

Managed Ops

If you’ve deployed an ICM platform and prefer to fully outsource your technical and incentive compensation platform management to the industry’s leading ICM experts, this tier is the best option for you. With full business process outsourcing, you’ll enjoy greater organizational flexibility.

360 Comp

If you have not yet deployed an ICM platform and would like to outsource the technology implementation as well as all ICM operations, our most comprehensive OS EDGE offering is the way to go, giving you access to world-class business process outsourcing to fit your current and future business requirements.

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Imagine Unloading the Operational Burden of Incentive Compensation Management

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