Summary of COVID-19/Novel Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan

OpenSymmetry's Approach Towards Managing Business During the Impact of COVID-19/Novel Coronavirus

Key leadership is staying informed and meeting each day specifically to discuss what is happening with the outbreak. Our plans are adjusting as we learn more to ensure the safety and welfare of our employees, customers and the wider communities.

Precautions OpenSymmetry is Taking to Minimize Infection and Spread of the Virus at Our Offices and Within the Community 

OpenSymmetry has taken steps to mitigate the spread of the virus as best it can. These include:

  • Encouraging employees to work from home
  • Banning all unnecessary travel
  • Requesting employees to practice social distancing and avoid mass gatherings
  • Requiring any employees who have symptoms or concerns about exposure to follow the latest health advice by the Centers for Disease Control and Distribution
  • Providing easy access to handwashing facilities, sanitizers, and cleaning supplies for those who need to go into an office for any reason
  • Enhanced sanitization techniques used to clean offices

Ability to Work Remotely Without Interruption of Services

OpenSymmetry has a majority-remote workforce and has operational processes and infrastructure in place to continue to support all aspects of our business. All employees have been encouraged to work from home in order to minimize any risk of the interruption of services.

All employees have access to, and are encouraged to use, a range of collaboration and communication tools. All projects are delivered using high-availability cloud-based technologies.

Ensuring Data Security for Employees Working Remotely

Our employees use laptops that are hardened, encrypted, use anti-virus/ anti-malware technology, firewalls, and data leak prevention tools. These resources enable our employees to work securely from remote locations.

Business Continuity Plan Applies to All Locations

OpenSymmetry has a full Business Continuity Plan in place to enable it to continue to service all aspects of its business, such as enabling employees to work from home and banning all work-related travel. This plan applies to all business locations.

The Potential for Delivery Services to Be Impacted Due to Sickness, Quarantine or Imposed Government Restrictions

OpenSymmetry has taken steps to ensure that its services are transferable to other employees to minimize the risk of disruption of services in the event one or more individuals are unable to work. In the event of a government mandated lockdown, OpenSymmetry may adjust its plans to minimize any risk of interrupted delivery. We are not anticipating any impact to our service delivery at this time.

Plan to Reinstate Services in the Event Of Delay or Interruption

We do not anticipate any impact on our ability to render services and will continue to deliver on all aspects of our business. Our business processes and infrastructure enable us to quickly provide services from remote locations, alternative offices and to reassign resources as necessary.

Critical Suppliers and Their Ability to Continue to Supply Service that Impact OpenSymmetry's Overall Service Delivery

We are in constant communication with software partners and other relevant third parties. OpenSymmetry will continue to assess their business continuity plans and update our response if a situation should arise that will impact our service delivery.

Client Communications Related to the Impact of this Outbreak

We will continue to provide updates via our website and email communications. If your specific engagement is impacted, the project manager will be in contact as quickly as possible.

OpenSymmetry's Guidance on Responding to this Ongoing Pandemic

OpenSymmetry is relying on the recommendations of trusted resources such as The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The World Health Organization.