Proper Planning & Forecasting Is The Answer

iStock_000012107875_MediumHow many times has your department executed on a program that was more expensive than you anticipated and did not give as much return has you have hoped?   Hope may be inspirational but is never a good planning approach for performance.

With your budgets finalized (or still being finalized) and everyone is back at work, it’s time to start executing on all your newly planned programs. However, all those programs include an element of cost, meaning it is imperative that organizations are able to monitor costs and make sure that they forecast accurately. That way you don’t end up attending something or executing on a program that costs more and provides little to no value.

Have you ever heard the sales leader asking for program funds to help support their lofty sales targets and goals? Then it is quickly scrutinized by the finance leader focused on cost containment versus a healthy discussion on opportunity potential? What if I told you there are ways to help mitigate this?

Corporate Performance Management solutions (CPM) are financial planning systems that help maintain and provide insight into the health of your organization across all business lines. According to Forrester Research, there is an increase need for these solutions as a mean for organizations to get off Excel. What’s the reason for this shift towards financial planning system implementing? They provide the flexibility of being able to automate processes, by providing a solution that eliminates manually work. What are the benefits you ask? Well when organizations implement CPM solutions, they are ultimately able to:

  • Spend less time with manual data entry
  • Reduce human error that is a result from manual data entry
  • Focus time on proper planning that sets your organization up for sustainable growth and success
  • Analyze program failure and/or success even before a program is executed

Ask the Right Question’s First

So many technologies have analytics, so, which one will enable you to work on a holistic platform? Forrester also reports that organizations able to consolidate and enhance financial process strategies will see the benefit of increased efficiency, enabling for increased agility for any type of situation. Anaplan’s Financial Planning Solution is just one of many solution available in the marketplace to help manage performance and deliver actionable results.

PICTURE THIS. That previous conflicted finance leader is able to have a strategic discussion on the various programs and the ones with the highest ROI to help direct the sales leader to the programs that will deliver the higher returns to achieve the lofty sales targets. They are able to gain real time visibility and compare and contrast the worst, mediocre, and best possible of all types of situations. From this insight, you will truly be able to put your budget into the right programs and events, as well as monitor company growth based on existing and net new business to help ensure that you are meeting your overall corporate goals that are set for 2015 and beyond.   The best part? These applications can be properly integrated into your CRM, HCM, and SPM systems across platforms so everything is in one place without the heavy burden of a huge business intelligence effort internally – again no more pulling out those excel sheets!

SUCCESS IS rapid results and actionable insight without manual excel spreadsheets or heavy IT dependancies.

As a trusted leader, global advisor and software-agnostic partner, that delivers Sales, Finance, and HR solutions to help organizations be on a proven path to rapid results, OpenSymmetry can help lead your organization find the right CPM solution aligned with your corporate goals. From customized, proven solutions to seamless implementation, training, and managed services, we have the proven track record to help your organization move quickly from Strategy to Success. But before you even consider a technology, do you know what question’s to ask? Schedule a meeting with one of our experts today to see how to help your organization accelerate business performance.   Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to stay up to date on all our latest news and events! 



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