Our Bags are Packed! It is Time for the Maserati Cycle Challenge

October 12, 2015

After a few months of training, we are proud to represent OpenSymmetry as Team Comp in the Maserati Cycle Challenge! The total ride will encompass somewhere between 240-300 miles over three days and it looks like the weather might not be cooperating like the Texas sun we are used to!

We work for a great company filled with truly fantastic people and the opportunities we have seem boundless. We would not be able to do this if it were not for the overwhelming support from our OS family. The words of encouragement, donations being allocated to some great causes and keeping everyone motivated to push ourselves not only professionally, but personally drives us all to be better every day.

Not everyone has a support system like this or even an opportunity to enjoy some of the many things that we might unknowingly take for granted. We all were not raised the same, but I think it is true many of us were able to play with friends, participate in sports and most importantly access to an education. 

AccessSport and Lumohawk are working to give these basic but essential opportunities to those who might never have. Every child has the right to an education, to enjoy their life and to be kid. Cycling for these causes brings a bit of electricity to it. We might not be there to hand them the pen and paper, but knowing that everything that everyone at OS gave and every pedal stroke adds up to make a difference in someone’s life, is a feeling few can rival.

We will keep everyone updated with some pictures and blurbs about the day’s events, some of the challenges we have experienced, some stories of what we learned and hopefully some moments that can make it onto the embarrassing picture company calendar next year!

Thank you again to Todd for his support in not only our company, team, but providing us with opportunities that continue us to grow. We will keep you updated on the other side of the pond! You can also follow OpenSymmetry on Facebook to see photos from the challenge.




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