Pacific Union: Higher ICM Visibility Means Lower Sales Rep Turnover

April 04, 2019

Pacific Union, a full-service mortgage company headquartered in Irving, Texas, wanted to invite growth in its sales team and commissions processes, but knew that this meant a significant change in its sales compensation infrastructure. Their existing sales comp system lacked the automation required to enable transparency of important sales performance information. This led to dissatisfaction among both the sales and sales operations teams.

With no access to their daily sales performance results, sales reps did not have confidence in the accuracy of the sales compensation calculations which resulted in an erosion of trust. The trust issues, coupled with a general misunderstanding of how they were compensated, resulted in high turnover on the sales team.

Additionally, the lack of data availability frustrated the sales operations team because they were not able to process commissions in a timely way. Instead, they spent time waiting for finance and accounting to give them the missing data they needed.

Turning the tide with a new ICM technology platform

In partnership with OpenSymmetry, Pacific Union chose to implement CallidusCloud (now SAP Sales Cloud) as their new incentive compensation management (ICM) technology platform. The reporting and analytics capabilities would drive positive behavior among the sales team and revive confidence and motivation through increased visibility and transparency for the whole team.

Since the implementation Pacific Union has enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Higher visibility and transparency: Sales performance dashboards allow the sales reps to see their commissions and pay information on a daily basis, rather than receiving a statement through email once a month.
  • Cleaner workflows: With greater validation capabilities, the operations team is able to enter data and respond to requests all in one place, rather than through email.
  • More reliable data: The operations team is able to receive, update, and present data more quickly and in a timely manner so that each payout period is less chaotic and more controlled.
  • Process self-sufficiency: With the CallidusCloud (now SAP Sales Cloud) system, the operations team can now make plan changes easily and without relying on a third party, thereby reducing the operational costs of ICM management.
  • Lower turnover: The sales team has confidence in the accuracy of their payments and the calculation logic used to get to the final numbers, producing lower turnover and higher employee satisfaction.

To read the full case study, download it here.



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