OpenSymmetry Takes Part in Anaplan Hub Singapore 2015

Anplan12015 started strong for us at OpenSymmetry in Singapore. We have seen tremendous growth in the region and will soon we be opening a new office.

With such great activity, we took part as a speaker and exhibitor at the Anaplan Hub in Singapore on 18th March 2015. As many know, Anaplan Hub is an annual event held in seven cities across the world. Instead of the conventional venues, the event in Singapore was held at the Red Dot Design Museum – a fantastic location with great ambience. The theme for the 2-day event, ‘Planning Never Stops. Be Unstoppable’.

Over 250 visitors with various roles (Business, Finance, HR, IT, and Operations) learned from a host of impressive speakers, how connected, data-driven planning can help organizations and executives make better business decisions.

OpenSymmetry had a booth at the event to showcase our sales performance management expertise and Anaplan model, demonstrating both a Revenue Forecast and Capacity Planning Model.

I was thrilled with the constant stream of visitors, including Anaplan’s team and partners, to our booth throughout the event. Many showed a keen interest in our demos. It was exciting to see visitors flooding our booth to learn how OpenSymmetry could assist them in applying new methods of agility, transparency, and continuous planning to drive unstoppable business performance. In particular, the Anaplan Revenue and Forecasting model demo garnered a lot of interest from booth visitors.

Anthony Hutchins, OpenSymmetry’s Vice President of International Business, spoke at the Partner2Win plan along side Suji Thamp, Director of Technology consulting at PwC Consulting, Jasper Ngan, Senior Manager at ABeam Consulting, David Padgett, VP of Sales at Anaplan, and Anthony Reynolds, Executive Vice President at Anaplan. This panelist of experts shared their experiences working together with Anaplan, as well as provided insight on some of the challenges customers experience and how Anaplan’s hub of products can help mitigate risk and problem areas for organizations.

The event ended with Anaplan doing a deep dive into their modeling, which is a continuation of their advanced training for partners. This definitely helps to make sure unstoppable Anaplanners!

Overall, Anaplan Hub was a wonderful experience for the team at OpenSymmetry. The event was a great opportunity for us to showcase how we can help companies have unstoppable sales and financial performance. All in all, we were able to capture more than half of the event’s attendance at our booth.

anaplan hub singapore image 2On a lighter note, we also had a good time at the Unstoppable Party which was held after the event ended on the first day, and a bit of fun too posing with the props at the event’s photo booth!

If you missed the opportunity to join us in Singapore, visit the OpenSymmetry booth at Anaplan Hub San Francisco, May 18-20th. Contact us today to learn more.



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