OpenSymmetry Rocks Austin's Fit Challenge 2017

September 15, 2017

This past weekend, OpenSymmetry sponsored and competed in the Fit Company Challenge for the third consecutive year, a corporate fitness competition where teams of up to 4 participants complete three fitness courses. Companies from all over Austin, TX came to compete in this ultimate content of strength, perseverance, and courage – while having a few energy bars and a lot of laughs along the way.

Each team had a choice for difficulty level for each course. The first course consists of calisthenics activities such as burpees, inverted rows, and some activities involving weights (kettle bells squats, weighted crunches, etc). Points were awarded based on the number of reps completed in the time allotted for each activities. The second course has agility relay activities (such as suicide sprints). Points were awarded based on total team time in each relay. Finally, the third activity was a running course, with points earned based on total laps completed per team member. The overall goal of the event was to build camaraderie and fitness among employees of all levels.

Here’s the experience from OpenSymmetry’s very own Clarissa Hassfurder, a third-year contender, as well as rookie Marc Weinzimmer, who flew in from Colorado to join the rest of the team:

What was your favorite event of the Fit Challenge?

Clarissa: There was a fun bonus round where one team member loaded into a wheeled cart and was pulled down a course by the other team members.

Marc: I enjoyed a new pirate-themed event I made up called “Walking the Plank”. The competition didn’t seem to appreciate me walking on their backs, however – lousy planks if you ask me.

Did you do anything you didn’t expect to do?

Clarissa: I was actually able to contribute a few burpees to my team this year! Last year I only did 2 or 3. This year I contributed 8.

Marc: Dance. The DJ was killing it.

What was your favorite part of the Fit Challenge this year

Clarissa: My favorite part of the event is always getting to hang out and socialize during and after the event with colleagues and their friends/family. We are usually one of the last companies to take down our tent because we are too busy having fun together and “rehydrating”.

Marc: Blacking out during the 22-minute run a la Will Ferrell in Old School. “That’s the way you do it, that’s the way you debate!”

IMG_8631Any crazy or funny stories?

Clarissa: This year, a few “OS Kids” were at the event and running alongside teams cheering them on in their customized shirts made by the Collier family. That was really cute! I also liked that we had one Woman Power (all women) team this year. The ladies brought the heat this year! Another thing that we have done the past couple of years is flying in a couple of people from other regions/remote workers. This year, Marc Weinzimmer from Denver, Sasha Gatselyuk from London, and Sadhish Pachaiyappan from Chennai all participated this year - it was great to meet colleagues that I would normally not get to meet.

Marc: I got caught up in the rope ladder and went tumbling to the ground only three steps into the agility course… not very graceful.

Would you do it again?

Clarissa: If there are spots that need to be filled again on the day of the event, I will probably participate again!

Marc: Almost died several times. But yes, 10/10 would do again.


Check out pictures from this year’s Fit Company Challenge on our Facebook page!




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