New Sales Performance Management Vendor Guide

June 22, 2012

Once or twice a year I help to lead the effort for my company to release a Sales Performance Management vendor guide to help people looking for SPM technology to have a single overview and quick look at the overall market. This initial look at the universe of vendors is often times an essential step in the vendor selection process.

The biggest changes to the guide this year were two acquisitions and one departure from the space. Merced Systems was acquired by Nice and Varicent was acquired by IBM. The departure - Sungard no longer markets a SPM application. Other changes from the prior guide are the updated branding from Callidus Software, now CallidusCloud and the inclusion of a full page for Iconixx Software who have re-appeared in the market and are starting to gather some momentum in the space.

From the OpenSymmetry website description of the guide, “With dozens of SPM solutions existing on the market, selecting the right one for your needs can be a complex and time-consuming task.This guide was prepared by OpenSymmetry to provide an introduction to the leading suppliers of incentive compensation automation tools. The information contained in this document has been gathered from official corporate websites and is subject to verification by each individual vendor.

The sales compensation software vendors included in this review were selected based on their client base, corporate recognition and contribution to the field of SPM. Each has significant qualities within their services or software that should be reviewed when making a decision on the purchase of an incentive compensation solution.“The guide can be downloaded @ FREE SPM Vendor Guide

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