Making the Jump to Xactly Connect for Faster, Higher Data Visibility

July 09, 2019

Blackbaud, a cloud software and services firm supporting social good organizations, has been a longtime Xactly incentive compensation customer. Always ahead of the technology game, Blackbaud soon recognized that their setup of Xactly Incent needed improvement as it required manual exports to extract their sales performance data from Salesforce. They made the move to seek a solution to streamline their data extraction process.

A little too late – slow data availability for decision-makers

Blackbaud set up their incentive compensation management system using Xactly Incent, which gave them high visibility into their sales team’s performance. However, they were exporting data out of Salesforce at month end and importing it into Xactly, which caused a lag of data availability. The key individuals driving business decisions could not get the data they needed in a timely manner and sales employees could not see their commission payments until well into the month following the sale, causing frustration and keeping the sales team from making more strategic decisions.

Making the jump – from Xactly DELTA to Xactly Connect

Looking for options to automate the data extraction processes, Blackbaud turned to OpenSymmetry for a solution. With the knowledge that the Credit Assignment functionality for Xactly Connect™ was in beta at the time, OpenSymmetry presented a solution to move away from the Xactly DELTA process to Xactly Connect’s Credit Assignment function.

Because the functionality was just in beta and not fully released, the process for implementation took longer than expected.  After careful consideration and coordination with the Blackbaud team, OpenSymmetry made a calculated decision to develop the solution with the beta functionality. The risk paid off, and OpenSymmetry was able to transition the work done in beta to the live functionality immediately after Xactly deployed it.

Final result – data when you need it

With Xactly Connect in place with the Credit Assignment functionality, Blackbaud no longer needed to wait on a data extract but could now directly manage the integration logic through the Xactly Incent UI, saving much-needed time. Blackbaud could also do this without any additional software or license costs, bringing down overall program costs with the saved time. With some training, Blackbaud incentive compensation administrators could update and modify their integration processes as business requirements changed. Additionally, Salesforce data was refreshed daily, with no middle step, giving the sales reps access to near real-time data.

This resulted in timely decision-making for a more strategic impact across the sales and sales management team, driving the business in the right direction.

To read more, download the case study here: Blackbaud Case Study 



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