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January 30, 2014

Selling is a complex business. To do it well, organizations, their prospects, clients, and salespeople – each with their own needs, wants, desires – need to align in a mutually beneficial way.

This fascinates and challenges all of us at OpenSymmetry. We spend our working hours (and more) considering, debating and producing solutions that lend transparency to those needs and desires. It spurs us to deliver efficiency, accuracy and profitability to sales management practices.

We don’t believe for a minute that salespeople are ‘coin-operated’ as is often said. This just perpetuates the old stereotype that sales pros are only motivated by money. Of course it may be true in some cases.  But for most salespeople, the motivation to sell – and sell well—is far more individual, more multi-faceted and harder to uncover.

On Tuesday February 4 at 1pm - 3pm GMT/7am - 9am CST, OpenSymmetry will host a Twitter Chat, It’s the Listening that Matters, on hot topics related to sales compensation – and the links to rewards, motivations and performance. The chat will be hosted on Twitter via @OpenSymmetry. Please join us and share your views using the hashtag #AskOpenSymmetry

We’re also running live polls where you can participate, share and see how your views compare to others in the industry. The two currently active polls are below.



The work we do with companies all around the world underlines the complexity of sales incentives. We see differences in motivations by stage of life, culture, age, gender, and personal ambition, and even industry.  Some people are naturally self motivated toward a long-term goal; others may require more regular targets to keep them on track.  Some salespeople value time or mobility over money, others respond to peer recognition or being lauded by senior staff.

Companies’ needs are just as personalized. Over the last decade, the tools and techniques for companies to address these complexities have evolved massively. The practice of Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) is now widespread in the US and increasingly in Europe. Many businesses now rely on these systems to manage compensation plans and quotas, tie business objectives to compensation plans, process commissionable transactions, and deliver management reports.

What we would like to know is: What do you think about these issues and what motivates you personally?  How well do you understand your own compensation package? What are the challenges you face in understanding what matters most to your company or what is expected of you?

So please join us our Twitter Chat using #AskOpenSymmetry on Tuesday February 4, 1pm - 3pm GMT/7am - 9am CST, as we explore your views on the practices that inspire high individual and team performance and company best practice.




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