IBM ICM Users, Rejoice: v10 is Here

You may have heard of the IBM ICM (Incentive Compensation Management) Version 10 release and all of its bells and whistles. Clean new interface, thin-client delivery model, and newly added reporting capabilities so that mobile viewing is a breeze. Incorporating IBM Design Thinking, this new version release is a must-have for all IBM ICM users.

What you need to know

IBM’s release of IBM ICM v10 comes with many enhancements that make for a better user experience. One of the most notable enhancements is a redesigned, web-based user interface offering:

  • Improved navigation
  • Responsive design for a seamless mobile experience
  • The ability to open and browse between multiple web tabs
  • Easy log-in through a single URL (no more Citrix)
  • Intuitive pop-up menu options replacing right-click feature

Pulse, a new administrative viewer for IBM ICM reports, centralizes all sales force data so administrators can quickly understand the current state of the sales force and get impactful information into the right hands. Reports give administrators the ability to compare compensation plans, track reactions to market changes, and quickly identify high-performing individuals and teams.

The biggest benefit of the move to a web-based system, however, is that future v10 upgrades will be continuous and seamless, meaning less IT oversight and immediate access to enhancements as soon as they’re released.

Enjoy v10 without the conversion hassles

We know that while this upgrade may be a welcome change, the reality is that the planning and deployment is a time-consuming process that requires many resources and pulls people away from their day-to-day responsibilities.

As an IBM ICM service provider, OpenSymmetry is offering a comprehensive package of services to ensure a smooth and successful conversion to IBM ICM v10. Our package includes four key components—all necessary for an effective conversion:

ICM Upgrade Quadrant

OpenSymmetry has years of experience in successfully supporting and completing upgrades, with the right level of communication and visibility, giving our clients peace of mind that all details of the upgrade are being handled so that they can remain focused on their core business.

As a Gold Accredited IBM Partner, OpenSymmetry has been engaged with many of the v10 early adopters and has extensive experience in the upgrade process.

The OpenSymmetry upgrade process





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