Help Keep Your Employees Motivated & Redefine Success in 2015!

January 19, 2015

Help Keep Your Employees Motivated & Redefine Success in 2015!

It’s a new year which means two things: individuals are trying to stick to their New Year resolutions and everyone is starting to get back into their routines.   The New Year provides the opportunity to reflect on the good and bad times, allowing us to plan how we can be successful throughout the year, both personally and professionally.

PICTURE THIS - - You’re an HR or business leader and you have really hit that nice flow for a business and you can now focus on more strategic initiatives driving your employee talent and success planning to the next level.

  • Turnover rates are as desired
  • Employee engagement at an all time high
  • Performance reviews are truly transforming your teams
  • You know where to invest development, training and recruiting efforts

Is this what your doing? Would you like this to be your success?

Along with planning out your own successes, companies are developing strategies and looking into different ways on how to keep employees motivated throughout the year, whether it is putting together an employee engagement team, providing new benefits such as a wellness program, or finding new technology to help automate processes. If technology isn’t on your team’s radar, it should be. The Human Capital Management (HCM) market is growing rapidly across the globe with an 8.2% CAGR and projections to be at $15B in 2018. While HR core applications are projected to account for 50% of the 108 HCM solutions, talent management is the fastest growing at 8.7% CAGR and projected to account for 35% of total 2018 HCM solution revenue. Such solutions provide the flexibility and adaptability that organizations need to make everyone’s lives a little easier. 2015 is supposed to bring new beginnings, so why not begin 2015 with implementing a solution that monitors and manages employee performance and motivation.

These types of solutions, such as the talent management suites from OpenSymmetry’s partners FinancialForce and IBM Kenexa helps organizations and their employees set and document performance goals, identify top talent internally, understand the best ways to make organizational changes, as well as compensate employees correctly, which coincides with aligning both HCM and Sales Performance Management (SPM) initiatives. You are able to gain a greater understanding to what really makes your employees tick and make sure that they are set up for success.

Success is accelerating your technology solutions to deliver business results. So you have an HCM solution, now what? Companies enabling alignment between HR and Sales initiatives find the highest return on performance management of their sales teams.   This streamlining of HR and Sales strategies allows developing the best people, as well as, better visibility holistically to your end-to-end performance management. Talent Management Applications generally provide some applicant tracking and recruiting, learning management as well as performance review functionality. This type of software streamlines these strategic processes to ensure that a company is using its staff as efficiently as possible, and also that employees are continuing to grow and develop – increasing employee satisfaction and retention rates. Best in class organizations are aligning across the HR, Finance and Sales business lines to optimize technology to their business advantage. For example, CallidusCloud has the ability to integrate sales onboarding, enablement, learning and incentive compensation in one mobile enabled solutions or XactlyIncent or XactlyObjectives can integrate with other talent management technologies like FinancialForce or Workday, IBM Kenexa and IBM Cognos provide SPM and HCM integration, Beqom focuses on the total compensation for short term, long term and incentives for HR and Sales, and Anaplan provides both specialized and an end-to-end integration over all applications to provide each business line actionable insight. Whatever the technology your organization is enabling the key is in integrating people & process across all platforms to leverage technology to boost your employee performance.  You can also learn about other vendors by downloading our vendor guide.

However, there is one thing that organizations might want to consider as it relates to motivating employees in the New Year and tying it back to performance management. Not all motivators or engagement models are financially driven. Consider a model where you can understand employees and how best to promote and train, meaning hire based on role strengths vs weaknesses. According to Gallup, employees that understand their strengths and use them regularly are 6 times more likely to be engaged with their work and are 3 times more likely to be happier in general. When employees are aware of their strengths, morale and productivity increases because they are enjoying what they are doing and are able to set attainable goals. From this, training dollars are spent more strategically, on programs that help enhance ones natural strengths. This is the contrary to what a lot of other organizations implement - spending enormous amounts of money on training that forces employees to learn something that they might not be interested in.

How is OpenSymmetry ringing in the New Year?

Along with a brand new website this month, which focuses on what Success Is for our own clients, we are also focused on what Success Is for our employees. Picture a company where you are rewarded for doing what you like to do, where your development and training is centered on fine-tuning your strengths. You will see a highly engaged workforce, delivering great results. OpenSymmetry is passionate about helping our customers and employees define what Success Is and help them achieve it. We are doing this as a strengths based organizations to increase employee morale and motivation – because we all know the direct correlation between employee morale and customer satisfaction.

Through the use of a strengths assessment, employees are able to determine what their strengths are, enabling them to focus on what they would naturally migrate to and excel. This also correlates to employees being able to understand and focus on their natural talents. There is more value in being able to enhance one owns talents than it is trying to force someone to realize their own defeats and trying to “fix” weaknesses. Gallup also reports that based on one study 52% of employees who are able to focus on their inherit strengths are less likely to feel less stressed and more connected to their company. Pinpointing out someone’s defeats only causes them to lose motivation because they inherently hear “I’m not good enough” and training them to strengthen what they won’t excel at, but may get better at doing at the risk of dissatisfaction.

We are able to administer and measure progress through the use of our own HCM system and set proper programs that set everyone up for success, especially as it relates to proper succession and performance planning. We want our employees to enjoy what they do, focus on what they are naturally talented in to help nurture great employees aligned with our overall corporate goals and objectives.

As a leading provider of Sales, Finance, and HR solutions that accelerate business performance, OpenSymmetry can help guide and identify the right HCM solution to fit your organizational needs. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts today to learn more out what we can do for you.   You can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus to stay up to date on all our latest news and events.





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