Being Healthy Pays Off for OpenSymmetry

April 03, 2014

In 2013, OpenSymmetry created a Wellness department to develop programs and provide tools and pathways for employees to make informed choices on their personal road to living a healthy lifestyle.  That same year I came onboard to help launch and lead this initiative which was started at the direction and enthusiasm of our CEO Todd LeBaron.  Over the last year we’ve experienced tremendous success and participation and the program continues to evolve faster than we had imagined—and that’s a good thing.

In February, the Austin Business Journal recognized OpenSymmetry as one of 2014’s Healthiest Employers in Central Texas for its commitment to creating and upholding a healthy workplace and improving employee wellness. To honor the winners, the Journal held an awards breakfast and fit walk last Friday and we are proud to share that OpenSymmetry placed 8th in the medium-sized business category (100-499).

The ceremony started with a short welcoming where the benefit of physical activity was highlighted and recognized for its impact on health. We then took a brisk walk around Austin’s crown jewel of trails, Lady Bird Lake, ending at the health expo and awards ceremony and breakfast. In my opinion what set the winners ahead was not the size or scope of their programs, although impressive, it was the commitment from company leadership and the total cohesive programs that were being offered. Photos from the event can be viewed here.

The trend in the winning companies was preventative care and services that made choosing health easy for the employee.  Onsite gyms or fitness programs, showers, access to healthy food choices, group challenges, and newsletters were key pieces found in all of the winning programs.  Participation was recognized and highlighted in workplaces that created a culture of wellness.  I left feeling impressed with the extensive amount of Wellness services offered by employers in Central Texas and very grateful to be a part of a company that recognizes the end benefits of a healthy work place.

photo 2I’m also proud to share our program was recognized this month in Incentive Magazine on how we encourage and reward our 150 global employees on their efforts to get—and stay healthy. The commitment and access OpenSymmetry provides to its global employees, and creative approaches used to enable these employees are truly impressive. OpenSymmetry is a growing business, and with 2013 being the first full year of executing its Wellness Program—the growth potential for 2014 and beyond is endless. Be well.



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