Flexible Vacation is on the Rise

November 06, 2014

What would be your reaction if your company decided to change the vacation policy?  Well, in Virgin’s case, I bet the staff is pretty excited.  The reason?  Richard Branson announced that staff members working in the United States and United Kingdom are entitled to unlimited vacation.  Virgin joins a number of other corporations including Netflix, Glassdoor, Groupon, and OpenSymmetry taking part in the no vacation policy “movement.” In fact, OpenSymmetry employees in the United States have enjoyed this benefit, unlimited paid vacation, since inception in 2004.

While some might argue against this type of program by saying that employees will take too many days off, in turn hurting the business, statistics show that flexible vacation time increases employee drive and morale.  Ultimately driving a higher employee engagement, which is supporting this shift. Organizations are placing greater trust in their employees to accomplish their jobs and rewarding them for the hard work they put in.  Flexible vacation works not only as an incentive for your employees to be more productive, it also decreases the tendency for employee burn out and could potentially lower the company turnover; that in itself should be a top motivator for organizations to change their PTO programs.

If your employees are successful at what they do, shouldn’t more organizations implement a similar program?  OpenSymmetry has had a flexible vacation program for US employees in place for the past 10 years and respects the vacation standards that other countries set for employees.  The last thing that employees have to worry about is calculating the amount of vacation days that they have, allowing them to set priorities and focus on what is truly important.  When our employees need a couple of mental health days here and there, that is perfectly okay.  Our program also supports the need to have a work-life balance, which encompasses being able to work remotely, because employees are always connected.  OS employees are happier because they have a sense of empowerment.  Managers have confidence that their direct lines are able to define what it means to be successful, even when vacation is factored in, and they also know what needs to be done in order to raise the bar and exceed those expectations.

How do we know our policy is successful? We have a 98% customer satisfaction rate and a leading success rate of 99%, eclipsing the industry benchmark of 30%. However, our success isn’t just a result of our hard working employees, it also is supported with the right processes and technology.  We help companies of all sizes deploy Finance, HR, and Sales systems that enable happy employees and accelerate business performance.  Contact us today to learn how implementing the right talent management system will pave the way for your organization to accelerate business performance and be on a proven path to rapid results.

So in the end is flexible vacation policy worth it?  We think yes, especially if you want healthy and happy employees because in the end this will be a reflection onto your customers.  When employees are happy, your customer will also be happy.  Let us know how you feel about organizations offering flexible vacation by leaving your comments below. For more information about what OS can do for you, visit our website and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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