Day 3 of the Maserati Challenge - The Final Stage and Back Home

October 16, 2015

Muscles are aching for our third and final stage of the Maserati Challenge, but we feel some adrenaline rushing through us knowing today is the end! We could not have asked for a more beautiful day.  The sun is shining, and although it is still cold, we have received no rain which is unusual for this time of year.

We load up on an enormously large breakfast because today is not only the last, but the longest day of the event. We will be riding over 90 kilometers before we even approach our lunch spot, so we need to fuel up on everything now to sustain us. As we get on our bikes, we are rudely woken up to almost immediately climbing over 200 meters. Hitting top speeds through towns it is another incredibly picturesque day. The autumn leaves, old English towns, the lakes and the fields filled with sheep make cycling through the hilly terrain completely worth it.

Before lunch there is a massive climb that looks like a sudden spike on a heart rate monitor meant. The team pushes forward leaving everything on the pavement. After hitting the top, a brief moment is taken to collect as a group before we go through one of our quickest descents of the trip to lunch. The road down is steep, technical and the rush of the speed was invigorating. As we cruised through the town. Signs flash to slow down to obey the speed limit, but knowing how close we were to lunch these were unapologetically ignored.

After another hearty lunch it is our last and final stage. We push through everything we have left to finish the race taking on the final climbs, traffic and rough patches of road. Seeing the sign caused cheering, smiling and an electric feeling in the group. We finally pull in and immediately get off our bikes to hug each other on pulling through the last few days; I could not have been happier to be a part of this incredibly team and opportunity.

There is a certain bond we have now created with each other and all the other riders.  A feeling like we have known them much longer than the quick three days we have spent cycling. The cycle community is a social, friendly, global and well connected group.

For our own internal team it was truly great to know everyone on a different level and grow closer to them. Raquel has an outstanding outlook on challenges and her positive attitude was something that helped motivate our team more and more every day. Jake pushed through the race relentlessly as I have seen him work on our sales team, and he does an incredible British and Irish accent, which gave us plenty of laughs! Barnaby did so much to help organize our event and although Barn and I have known each other since I have started at OS, it was great to work with him to complete this challenge and meet his kind family.

A big thank you to Barnaby for connecting us with Cygnature Sport and organizing our event details taking on the planning for our team and the ride. Thank you to Linda for helping design our incredibly cool jerseys! Thank you to Todd for his support because without it this would not have been possibly and his encouragement in everything we do both professionally and personally helping us grow to be better people. And a tremendous thank you to everyone at OS. Whether it was motivation in person or over an email, for any dollar donated to the great causes we were cycling for, or the support given during and after the race to keep pushing forward.

OS is filled with unique and truly fantastic people. We are a kind, encouraging, fun-loving and a hard-working group that is rare to find. Working at OS there is a tremendous amount of pride and it means more than just showing up for a job. We have a great and bright future ahead!

Until the next race, time to enjoy some rest and I look forward to seeing everyone in Austin again soon!



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