Day 1 of the Maserati Challenge is a Wrap!

October 13, 2015

The Maserati Challenge has officially begun!

It was early and a bit chilly as we meet up for breakfast discussing some thoughts for the coming day. We were nervous and excited, knowing that what lies ahead will be a challenge, but we are eager to get on the road!

Upon laying first sight on our bikes, our excitement grew as we had some fantastic featherweight bikes that were sure going to help with the long ride ahead. Our pedals were fitted and after a quick ride around the parking lot we were off to the cycling briefing. After listening to some of the basic rules and regulations it was time to suit up, as our group was leaving in a half hour!

It was chilly in the thin jerseys, but with the sun peaking through the weather was looking promising for today. There was excitement in the air, with the OS logo on jerseys and they American Flag on our back, we were itching for the race to start. The countdown goes off on the load speaker and we were off!

The winding, narrow, and at times bumpy roads required sharp attention to detail so any mishaps could be avoided. With fresh legs, we were holding strong with the tight knit group at time only being a few inches away from another rider on either side of you. We were rewarded with the beautiful views in the English countryside of rolling hills, changing autumn leaves and fresh air on our legs, but with any beautiful terrain you must pay the price with the climbs. Going through the climbs proves to be an equal battle for the mind and the legs to push forward knowing that at some options it will end.

We were in the swing of things, and hit our first downhill bomb as we approached our lunch spot. Hitting speeds around 60 kmh, it might have been the closest feeling we will ever get to flying. We stopped for lunch and fueled up as we prepare for the longer second part of the day. As quickly as we can stuff our faces, we hit the pavement again

The roads narrowed, picturesque towns lay backdrop to several climbs and we were challenges with the obstacle of missing the many vehicles we were sharing the thin road with. During the ride, I was forced to stop and rehydrate as my muscles began to cramp and pedaling ceased. The rest of the team continued battling the road and sticking with the group. Afters some electrolytes and water, my muscles begin to relax and I was able to join the group again. The ride is longer and with the sun going down, the air feels colder cutting against our skin. The best, or in our case the hardest, was saved for last. The waring signs leading to the hill foreshadowing our biggest challenge of the day. With strong pedaling Barnaby, Jake and Raquel pushed and battled the restless incline.

After the beast, we were home free. The rest of the ride was mostly downhill with some light pedaling and before we know it we cross the finish line for the day. We signed up for some necessary massages to relax the muscles and prepare for what tomorrow will bring. With energy needed to be had, we were able to fuel up on some serious carbs of mashed potatoes and steak pie, feeling full and a little tired from the long first day. Tomorrow will bring another challenge, but in the OS way we will figure out a way to push forward and onward ready to face any climb that comes our way.




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