A Decade of ICM Partnership With a Leading Telecommunications Company

August 22, 2019

OpenSymmetry has been a trusted incentive compensation management (ICM) partner for Vodacom, a leading African communications company, for over 12 years. From the first ICM implementation to ongoing support services and business expansion, the partnership between OpenSymmetry and Vodacom demonstrates longstanding trust and consistently delivered value over time.

Through the years, the mutual familiarity meant meeting business needs over time without having to reintroduce the company culture or business priorities when new challenges arose.

The beginning of Vodacom’s ICM journey

Vodacom’s ICM journey started off in 2007 with a system of spreadsheets and unwieldy tools to manage incentive compensation. This led to both a lack of auditability for compliance standards as well as a lack of motivation for dealers and sellers who could not easily view their pay and performance information. With a highly competitive Telco environment in South Africa, Vodacom knew they needed some changes in order to maintain dealer satisfaction and deliver the best dealer experience.

Vodacom engaged OpenSymmetry to help implement CallidusCloud technology (now SAP). The initial phase focused on automation of the commissions process, including parallel testing of the system to ensure accuracy. During this project, the end-to-end processing time for commissions was reduced from over 36 hours to approximately 18 hours.

Vodacom’s journey with OS over the years

Since then, Vodacom has continued to expand the ICM system to process commissions for new sales teams and to enhance end-user experience for system users. Starting with their retail channel, Vodacom introduce the new ICM system to new business units including the enterprise business unit. Due to continuous improvement, commissions processing time has further been reduced to just one hour.

With over 12 million transactions per month and 8,000 payees, Vodacom continues to process huge volumes of data through OpenSymmetry’s ongoing support services, all on a single system.

Vodacom’s optimised ICM system has resulted in the following benefits:

  • High visibility: Incentive compensation data is now housed in a highly accessible central reporting dashboard so that sales reps, managers, and executives can make quicker business decisions.
  • Accurate reports: Sales data is fully integrated with billing, CRM, and HR for accurate reports.
  • Increased efficiency: Automation of commission and bonus reward calculations from source data to reports and invoices frees administrators to have more time to analyse results.
  • Centralised system: Multi-business unit deployment and processing of commissions for external dealers and internal employees are all on a single system.
  • Complete auditability: With commission and bonus reward data tracked and measured automatically, Vodacom has no issues with compliance and is always ready to provide needed information.
  • Increased dealer and enterprise seller satisfaction: Online self-billing invoices have supporting reports and details for full visibility of performance and streamlined workflow, so that dealers and enterprise sellers can be more productive and have greater confidence.

New ICM opportunities in 2019

The latest system enhancement for Vodacom is moving from an on-premise deployment to SAP Commissions cloud solution. This brings the benefits of lower IT overhead, further improvements in processing times, and access to new and extended functionality.

To learn more about Vodacom’s ICM journey, read the full Vocadom case study.



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