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The only global, full-service Sales Performance Management and Incentive Compensation consulting firm connecting Finance, HR and Sales across performance management solutions with corporate planning, talent management, and sales performance management.

There are a range of challenges in delivering your talent management, corporate planning & sales performance strategies. Your organization needs to:

Attract and retain the right sales talent through a coordinated strategy
Improve your sales force motivation through incentive plans that link clearly to business goals
Increase profitable sales
Reduce the cost of sale through effective use of technology and improved sales operations
Reduce friction between sales and finance, and increase predictable revenue models to align business units
Because we operate independently of all vendors, you can be assured that OpenSymmetry has only your company’s interest at heart. We’re committed to do whatever it takes to help you develop a best-in-class program. Whether you want consulting help or decide to outsource it entirely – we’re committed to your success.


Our #1 focus is you. We spend the necessary time to dive deep into the issues you are facing, so we can best understand your needs.


We work with your team to design solutions that get you to your 'future state': your optimal outcome.


Our experience deploying over 1000 projects will give your team the assurance and safe hands to guide you through the process.


Even after the project has gone live, we help you optimize and streamline the solutions to achieve the maximum outcome for your goals.

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