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We are a strengths-based organization built on determination, vision, values, and an intense desire to see our clients succeed. It is what has created over a decade of success for OpenSymmetry, our employees, and our clients. When you see the client's ultimate vision of success--what they picture as a successful outcome to be--it ultimately translates into their ability to perform in their job better, which means more time with family, more vacation, more time to pursue their interests, and more fulfillment. We are looking for enthusiastic team members capable of taking that vision and making it a reality.
The Next Level
If you are interested in passionately and exceptionally contributing to a company during a robust period of growth to reach the next level, then you are in the right place. Because of the level of value that we consistently deliver to our clientele, our company is growing rapidly, and seeking capable, gritty, hard-working, and fun members to add to our team and add to that growth. We're looking for people excited to join our team and ready to make a difference.

Positions Open:

SQL/Database Enterprise Application Consultant

Location: Austin, TX Full Time

The mission for the SQL/Database Enterprise Applications Consultant role is to effectively ...

Enterprise Application Consultant

Location: Austin, TX Full Time

This role is actively engaged in all phases of the project life cycle (requirements, design, ...

Sales Development Representative

Location: Austin, TX Full Time

The mission for the Sales Development Representative (SDR) is to make the first connection...

Sr. Consultant - Anaplan

Location: Austin, TX Full Time

The Senior Consultant with OpenSymmetry’s Anaplan practice will play a critical role in developing and...

Test Analyst

Location: Austin, TX Full Time

The Test Analyst is responsible for engaging and executing the testing deployment of client solutions to ensure...

Senior Project Manager

Location: Austin, TX Full Time

The Sr. Project Manager will develop strong relationships with the client, develop a deep understanding of the clients' implementation...

Our Values.

OpenSymmetry is a values-based company built on a strengths-based framework and principle that the only way to consistently deliver an extraordinary client experience is through our people and culture. We hire people that thrive in the OS environment and treat them the way we expect our customers to be treated.
Constantly strive for the next level of performance | Integrate proven standards into processes to produce repeatable results | Achieve balance of discipline and agility | Attention to details | Go the extra Mile: “Whatever It Takes” | Personal accountability for all actions; hold others accountable | No excuses deliver on commitments | Demonstrated persistence
Demonstrate professional and personal etiquette | Always speak about people with the assumption they’ll hear what your saying | Care for each other both professionally and personally | Find cultural commonality rather than differences | Practice thoughtful acceptance of OS values and culture

Have a positive attitude | Celebrate victories – even the small ones | Promote an environment that fosters friendly and warm relationships
Embrace growth and change with an open attitude towards new ideas | Fast, Effective, Impactful | Demonstrate that you can change the unchangeable | Identify opportunities where others only see challenges | Draw out-of-the-box solutions and resources | Approach challenges with a “we can do this” attitude | Build what does not exist
Speak in straight-forward terms | Self-aware of ones strengths and weaknesses; comfortable seeking out others with complimentary strengths | Adapt to others without giving up own identity | Act in sincere, honest, transparent, and empathic ways towards Customers, Co-workers, and partners. | Know your impact; be aware of the consequences and deal with them | Have the courage to share your view

More than a Job Description.

Know how you can contribute but not seeing a Job Description that fits?
Delivering beyond the J.D.

We would not have the reputation we have with clients if we just delivered what was scoped out, or in a job description. It takes boldness, ingenuity, and capability to deliver value above and beyond what is laid out. If you see a way that you can contribute but don't see it here, reach out and let us know what you're thinking. We're always open to new ideas that create more value for those we serve.

A skilled worker, regardless of the job description, remains a treasure.

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